YouTube clips from some Knoxville gigs


Meet the Band * Wagon Wheel * Americana Festival * A Minute of Magic * Malvern Motorhome Show * KL Country Music Festival * Lichfield Folk & Roots Festival * Birmingham ArtsFest


Huggy Bear Festival - meet the band!



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Performing Wagon Wheel at the Sand Bay Jamboree
Ken's little dance at the beginning and Stuart 's at 30 seconds in are not some strange new dance that we have created...they are simply untangling their feet from the leads. Could have edited it out but much more fun to leave it in!



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Rocking it up at The Americana 2015 Festival


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A Minute of Magic
A short timelapse video of the band setting up and playing


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Malvern Motorhome Show - a glimpse behind he scenes as we set up and some atmospheric footage of us playing 


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 KL Country Music Festival - a great night at a great festival!

All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down
Achy Breaky Heart

King of The Road

Knoxville Highway & Tennessee Waltz

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Lichfield Roots & Folk Festival

Hey Good Lookin'

Gentle on My Mind

Salty Water

All by My Lonesome

Knoxville Highway

Rockin' Robin

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Birmingham ArtsFest - what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


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